Bust a Move 4

Genre: Puzzle
Release Year: 2000
Developer: Cyber Front
Publisher: Taito
Age Rating: Everyone
Playability Status: Very good
Tested On: ,
Availability: ,

This Dreamcast remake of the classic bubble popping arcade/puzzle game might not be bursting with originality, but it keeps the great playability and presentation of the earlier games in the series and was a welcome addition to the Dreamcast’s catalogue.

Emulators tested

Demul (DirectX 10) – Some graphical elements missing on some title screens / menus, otherwise the game works very well. Sound emulation is not completely accurate and sounds off-key sometimes.

Demul (DirectX 11) – Not tested.

Makaron T12.7 – Not tested.

Special configuration options

None required.

Percentage of game played

Several matches.

Videos and screenshots

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Other versions

The game was also released for Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation and the Nintendo Game Boy Colour console.

Did we get anything wrong?

Let us know in the comments if we missed anything or got anything wrong when testing this game.

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