Fur Fighters

Genre: Third-person shooter
Release Year: 2000
Developer: Bizarre Creations
Publisher: Acclaim
Age Rating: 12+
Playability Status: Unplayable
Tested On: ,
Availability: ,

Cute little third person shooter game. Fur Fighters may look sweet, but under the sugar coating there’s a great and challenging little action game to be found here.

Emulators tested

Demul (DirectX 10) – The game will start and initially play with minimal graphical glitches if you make sure that the “Disable auto sort” option is off. However the game seems to randomly freeze when entering new areas. Save files cannot be created, the game will always say that your virtual memory card is full even when it is completely empty.

Demul (DirectX 11) – Same as DirectX 10 mode.

Makaron T12.7 – No problems creating a save file, but the games graphics were completely corrupted and the game also froze when loading the first level.

Special configuration options

“Disable auto sort” option should be off.

Percentage of game played

Game is unplayable.

Videos and screenshots

Coming soon.

Reviews and other information


Other versions

The game was also released for Microsoft Windows PCs. A version featuring slightly different graphics, called “Fur Fighters: Viggo’s Revenge” was released for the Sony PlayStation 2 console.

Did we get anything wrong?

Let us know in the comments if we missed anything or got anything wrong when testing this game.

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