Gunbird 2

Genre: Shoot 'em up
Release Year: 2000
Developer: Psikyo
Publisher: Capcom
Age Rating: 12+
Playability Status: Excellent
Tested On: ,
Availability: ,

Another addition to the Dreamcast’s impressive catalogue of arcade shoot ’em up games. Gunbird 2 isn’t quite as frantic as Giga Wing and less experienced players will find it more accessible. Don’t be fooled though, the game certainly picks up the difficulty level later on. In the game, seven warriors are challenged to find three powerful elements (namely Sun, Moon and Stars). Whoever manages to bring these elements to the “Potion God” will be rewarded with the legendary Almighty Potion and all its magical powers.

Emulators tested

Demul (DirectX 10) – If you use the “Disable auto sort” option, parts of the games background will appear in the screen borders, this is quite distracting! Otherwise the game runs very well with no noticeable glitches. This game uses hand drawn sprites rather than polygons and may appear excessively blocky when up-scaled by the emulator.

Demul (DirectX 11) – Not tested.

Makaron T12.7 – Not tested.

Special configuration options

Turn off the “Disable auto sort” option if possible.

Percentage of game played

First two levels.

Videos and screenshots

Coming soon.

Reviews and other information


Other versions

The game initially appeared in the arcades and was also ported to the Sony PlayStation 2 console.

Did we get anything wrong?

Let us know in the comments if we missed anything or got anything wrong when testing this game.

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