Genre: Shoot 'em up
Release Year: 1998
Developer: Rage Software
Publisher: Interplay
Age Rating: 12+
Playability Status: Very good
Tested On: ,
Availability: ,

A 3D shooter which first appeared on the PC. Incoming is a fun but rather limited game where you will use a variety of helicopters and jets to take on aliens.

Emulators tested

Demul (DirectX 10) – Various graphical glitches in the sky and around explosions. Player bullets are not drawn correctly. Make sure the disable auto sort option is not selected to avoid more serious glitches.

Demul (DirectX 11) – Less glitches than DirectX 10 mode, but the sky still has a strange flicker to it.

Makaron T12.7 – Untested.

Special configuration options

“Disable auto sort” option should be turned off.

Percentage of game played

First level only.

Videos and screenshots

Coming soon.

Reviews and other information


Other versions

The game was initially released for Microsoft Windows PCs and also appeared in the arcades.

Did we get anything wrong?

Let us know in the comments if we missed anything or got anything wrong when testing this game.

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