Namco Museum

Genre: Compilation
Release Year: 2000
Developer: Mass Media
Publisher: Namco
Age Rating: Everyone
Playability Status: Excellent
Tested On: ,
Availability: ,

Another selection of emulated arcade games, this time from coin-op giants Namco. As with other such compilations, there’s really little point running them on a Dreamcast emulator, when better emulators exist natively on the PC.

Emulators tested

Demul (DirectX 10) – Game runs very well with no noticeable glitches. Games may appear excessively blocky when up-scaled by the emulator.

Demul (DirectX 11) – Untested.

Makaron T12.7 – Untested.

Special configuration options

None required.

Percentage of game played

Game of Mrs Pac Man and Pole Position only.

Videos and screenshots

Coming soon.

Reviews and other information


Other versions

The compilation also released on the Sony PlayStation console.

Did we get anything wrong?

Let us know in the comments if we missed anything or got anything wrong when testing this game.

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