Dreamcast light guns and emulation

Die zombie die!

Die zombie die!

We’ve just added a brief new tutorial concerning Dreamcast light guns and how they are supported in emulators. If you’ve never used a lightgun, it’s a toy gun that you plug into your games console and then point at the screen. The console can then tell where the gun is pointing and this allows you to shoot at targets such as zombies or bad guys in various games. Light guns used to be much more common, but when CRT televisions died out, they became considerably more complex to implement at a hardware level and so are noticeably absent on more modern consoles.

One of our fondest memories from the Dreamcast era was playing House of the Dead 2 in 2-player co-op. Regrettably, there’s no way that we’re aware of to get support for two light-guns in any current Dreamcast emulators.

If you want to play light gun in your Dreamcast emulator, check out the tutorial here.

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