Here at we aim to be the number one resource on the web for anyone using Dreamcast emulators. We're building a complete reference library to help you quickly any easily configure your PC and your emulator software and get playing the games you want to play with the optimal configurations for your system. No messing and fussing, just dial in the settings we show you and start playing.

We're under construction at the moment but our aim is to test all US released Dreamcast games, then move on to some of the playable Japanese exclusives. At the moment we're focused on emulators for Windows, but may include mobile emulators if there is sufficient demand.

Please note - This site does not condone software piracy or host any downloads, all information is for educational/informational purposes only.

Propeller Arena

A very fun arcade flight game for up to four players. Forget realistic simulation, Propeller Arena is…

Shenmue 2

Yu Suzuki’s epic open world action adventure…


Transfer save games from your Dreamcast…

We’ve just added another tutorial to our…


Confidential Mission

Another rip-roaring light gun shooter for your…


Tomb Raider – The Last Revelation

The fourth instalment in the original Tomb Raider franchise. This time, Lara’s off to Egypt to solve…


A curious survival horror title, set in a macabre theme park…


Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi is an iconic open world racing game. While it…


Deep Fighter

A futuristic submarine simulation game. In Deep Fighter you will need…


Ooga Booga

A simple but surprisingly playable party game designed to show off the consoles online features.


A curious survival horror title, set in a macabre theme park…


Ferrari F355 Challenge

A superb port of the extravagant three-screen arcade game. Ferrari F355…


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